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The Ravens Are Officially Cursed As Gus Edwards And Marcus Peters Tear Their ACL's On Back-To-Back Plays In Practice


After losing JK Dobbins (who was going to light the world on fire this year btw) last week with an ACL injury for the year, we all spun zone and said "hey, we all good.... time to ride the Gus Bus!". 

Yeah, about that... fuckin awful timing, with this being one of the last practices before traveling out to Vegas for Week 1. Losing Marcus Peters is just the kicker. Especially after he had a media session before this very practice where he talked about how excited he was for Week 1 and where this team was headed

Couple that with the fact that RB Justice Hill was lost for the year with an achilles tear, and you've got yourself a disaster on your hands before a meaningful snap is even played. 

ACL injuries tend to be dumb luck. We had tremendous luck in 2019 when it came to injuries, and I thought maybe the football gods got their revenge in 2020 with season-ending injuries to Ronnie Stanley and Nick Boyle and that whole COVID episode. Some of that was our own doing, so I guess the football gods weren't quite satisfied yet. 

This thrusts Ty'Son Williams into a starting role in Week 1, with Le'Veon Bell suddenly becoming a key potential contributor. What a world we live in. To be fair, Ty'Son looked AWESOME in preseason, and that was with a lesser OL and mainly Tyler Huntley under center. I expect he'll thrive with LJ back there. But there's no way to replace the production of that two-headed beast of Dobbins and the Gus Bus. You immediately have to be concerned and make adjustments for things like pass protection when you've got fresh meat in the mix. It has potential to change our approach immensely. You have to think Lamar may be on the hook to literally carry more of the burden on the ground, which is something you've always got to monitor. 

I suppose we'll see the true impact of the running back position within this offense. I have tremendous confidence in this offensive line and the run system, as new as some of the guys are. We can make do as long as we have Lamar. But Marcus Peters.... that one hurts man. Jimmy Smith is slowly coming back from an ankle injury and we all know how fragile he can be. That's especially worrisome in his later years. We're gonna have to lean on some guys in the secondary in a big way. Marlon will likely have to play more on the outside and we'll lean on Tavon Young and Anthony Averett a bit more. We'll see.

But this just sucks man. So freakin much. Reminds me of the great cornerback dearth of 2014, or the Maryland QB curse of 2012. You say it just can't get any worse and then it does. Let's keep our fingers crossed. We'll learn a lot about this team on Monday.