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The Croc Hunter's Niece Rebecca Lobie Just Put Another Beatdown On Instagram

Every morning I hit a few different sites to see if there are any happenings around the world I can blog about. One of those sites The Daily Mail and for a news outlet, they always have hilarious captions when they're "journaling" about different instagram models. It's always shit like "Tammy Hembrow flaunts her famous derrière and rock-hard abs in bikini-clad photos as she shares inspiring message with fans" or "Kim Kardashian showcases her famous derriere in VERY skimpy string bikini as she celebrates 225 million followers with sizzling snap". Idk why, but it always makes me laugh because it's just so.... weird. Like, yeah, I get following IG models. That's the only thing IG is good for. But to write or blog about them? That's lowbrow, cheap and classless.

But, there's exceptions to every rule. This being one of them. If the Croc Hunter's niece (who just released a bunch of free pics on her adults only website) is gonna flaunt her ass on IG? Then I'm gonna cover it in a boujee, classy way... by copy and pasting their URLs to a blog for Barstool.