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Introducing Thalia- Your Barstool Smokeshow of the Week

Each week we are going to be highlighting a select number of Smokes to feature on here and over on the Barstool Smokeshows IG account. These aren't your average, everyday "Smokeshow of the Day" posts though, these are full takeovers, photo dumps and links to exclusive content that the girls are putting out.

We're talking behind the scenes content like back in the day. Think old school Smoke Snaps mixed with new school OnlyFans. This isn't a one and done, we're following back up with the smokes monthly to bring you their newest additions and as we add to the roster, the plan is to make this a daily feature. We changed the game once before and we're back to do it again!

Without further ado, introducing Thalia. Go check her out over on the BarstoolSmokeshow IG Takeover Right Now AND if you really want that exclusive content you can sign up for her Only Fans