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The AP Poll Is Dead Wrong For Not Ranking App State After Having Luke Combs Lead Their Postgame Locker Room Celebration

App State got their season underway with a 33-19 win over East Carolina last Thursday. After the game, they had a local country music artist in the locker room to help get the party started. Maybe you've heard of him before--Luke Combs. Just a little up and comer on the scene. 

So how did the Associated Press react to the series of events that unfolded in Charlotte? You'd figure a win and celebration like that would catapult this team comfortably into the top 25. I mean you can't possibly belt out "Beer Never Broke My Heart" with Luke Combs and then not immediately proceed to kick ass the rest of the season. 

But no. When you take a look at the Top 25 this week, App State is nowhere to be found. Which is interesting because their next opponent, the Miami Hurricanes are there at 22 despite getting surgically stuffed into a locker by Alabama on Saturday. Clemson couldn't even score a single touchdown and they're still in the top 10. 

Just seems ill advised if you ask me. I feel like any game that has the potential to party with Luke Combs in the locker room afterwards should be marked down as a lock for App State. If there's anything that can bring down Bama this season, it would be this man's voice.