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This Pogo Stick Flip Is The Raddest Trick Landed Since The 900

It's a shame that pogosticks aren't nearly as popular as they should be in popular culture. Don't get me wrong, I realize the conveniency of the bicycle. I get that as a mode for transportation, the bike is probably a little more effective than the pogo. Really anything with wheels is probably slightly better than anything that is a stick now that I think about it. But pogo is badass nevertheless. Just one of the ultimate "humans are so incredibly stupid yet so incredibly awesome" inventions of all time. And this move right here? The first ever 360 Flip of Faith to be landed? 

Well you'd be hard pressed to find a radder trick landed across any extreme sport over the past two decades. 

Just think about what happens if that trick goes south. You're either A) catching some handlebars straight to the dick and nuts. B) Missing the foot pads and scraping the shit out of your shins. Or C) a combination of the two. I don't know what I'd put the exact percentages at but I'd say you have at least an 80% chance of severely injuring your gooch. And this sick bastard pulled it off on the world's largest stage--Pogopalooza. What a legend. Hope this man absolutely cleaned up with the ladies in attendance afterwards and that the fella on the assist here at least caught a few residuals himself.