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It's About Damn Time That Michigan Realized They Need To Do The Right Thing And Honor The Fab Five

Finally. It's been way too long and way too stupid that the Fab Five has been 'erased' from Michigan and college hoops. You don't erase one of the most influential groups and teams from the sport. You just can't. Hell, Michigan has one of the Fab Five members as its head coach! I just can't get riled up that Webber got some money in college. Big fucking deal. Little hint: every player that you like got some sort of benefits before NIL became a thing. It's just how college sports work, especially at a major level. 

I know that Michigan didn't win a title. That's not the point here. The point is how important the Fab Five was and is to the sport. They made baggy shorts cool. They made black socks cool. They made talking shit cool. They made coaches realize that if your freshmen are the best players on the team just fucking play them. I still hate how it all ended with Chris Webber calling that timeout. It sucks that there was such a fallout between Jalen Rose and Chris Webber. Now that seems to be fixed and the next no-brainer is doing something for them back at Michigan. I don't care if it's banners (they should still be hanging) or just a moment. Something needs to be done. This is why I think vacating wins is so stupid. We all remember the games. We all saw it happen. Just let the Fab Five be the Fab Five.