Units Take Tallahassee

Things were starting to settle down and get quiet. A little too quiet. So, Frank and Duggs decided to go on another Florida adventure!

The journey began with Frank flying into Jacksonville the Friday before the FSU vs ND game. He arrived just in time to take in some Jumbo Shrimp baseball, the Triple-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins, and my hometown team.

It was Tops Optional night, which was the perfect theme for Frank and Duggs.

After throwing out a first pitch and reviewing some ballpark hot dogs, the Shrimp won in extra innings after a wild pitch allowed the runner on third to steal home. It was a fun night of extra baseball, fireworks, and a beautiful tune from our friend on the sax outside the park.

Saturday morning, The Units hit the I-10 War Path and headed West to Tallahassee.

After a short 2 1/2 hour drive, we made it to the promised land.

Saturday was full of hot dog reviews that will be out on Frank's YouTube channel soon!

Sunday was Game Day! Before FSU vs ND, we had a round of Units mini golf for some friendly competition and to get our steps in.


Loser was supposed to ride a go kart, but there were some physical requirements that Frank did not meet.

After golf, we stopped for lunch under the orange and white tin roof and Franks first Whataburger.

Frank and I continued to get our steps in as we traveled from tailgate to tailgate around Doak Campbell stadium. I'm not usually one to turn down a beer, but I'm on my 30 in 30 journey and I held strong. The first few declined beers broke my heart, but with each beer offer after that, I felt relief. If I accepted all the beer offered to me around Doak, I would not have made it to the game. It was different not drinking while tailgating. Not bad, but different. It may have also been the first time I've had Guthries sober and I'm happy to say, it's just as good when not intoxicated. I was happy to see everyone so welcoming of Frank, even in his ND attire. Heck, even the FSU cheerleaders wanted a picture with Frank!


The sun was starting to go down and it was time to head into Doak, but first, we had to meet up with a dear friend at the Unconquered statue.

The game was emotional from start to finish with tributes to Bobby Bowden including a halftime performance of Amazing Grace by the Marching Chiefs.

The game did not end the way we hoped, but FSU did cover the spread, and I'm excited for the future of this team.

A Unit bet is a Unit bet, so without further ado, Frank and Duggs sing the ND fight song. 


Until next time, stay classy Tallahassee!