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What a fucking buffoon. Why? Why would you run on him? Not even because it’s Hunter Renfroe and his hose. Why run on *anyone* there? It’s of the ninth, two outs, you’re already in scoring position at second. Renfroe already threw this ball BEFORE Wendell even touched second base. Hansel Fucking Robles is on the mound begging to give up more hits. 

To be fair to the Rays overall strategy here - the Red Sox have made a comedy of errors defensively lately. Especially when it comes to throwing the ball around the diamond like a fucking Little League team. So I can understand being overly aggressive when your team hit an inside-the-park home run because the entire Sox outfield fell down legit two days ago. But there has to be a line. It feels like that line is not running to third when you haven’t even reached second and the ball is already in the goddamn air. That feels like a pretty solid line right there. Feels like an even easier decision when Hunter is on the goddamn prowl.

PS - Oh yeah, don’t pitch to him, either.