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TJ Watt Practices Fully So A Deal Must Be Coming..Soon...Hopefully For The Love of God?

Day _____ of Watt Watch took a big BIG step on Wednesday. There were doubts. Doubts a plenty that he wouldn't even suit up before a deal is struck. But Watt proved Coach T right and was out there in full pads, and the team period. 

This has to mean a deal is impending...right? TJ has been cryptic on Instagram all week this week. He posted a lion looking up to the sky on his story this morning...? He's a pretty big lion guy. Side not it feels like EVERY big time football player is a lion guy that has portraits framed of a lion in the wild or some sort of chest / back lion tattoo combo. Maybe lion on the prowl? Lion about to eat? 

Not sure. Would have been a lot easier for all of us if he would have just posted the damn Donald Duck diving into money GIF so we all knew what was coming. With that being said, even if he doesn't get the deal done, him practicing fully is a big step to at least getting some meaningful snaps Week 1 in Buffalo. 

But we take steps. Baby steps hopefully leading into an absolutely massive historical deal. The Watt Watch continues.