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BREAKING: The Steelers Have Made TJ Watt The Highest Paid Defender In The NFL FINALLY

About. Fucking. Time. We can all breathe easier, sleep more peacefully, eat dinner with more joy tonight all the way through the weekend and the next four years at least. 

TJ Watt is the most talented and impactful Steelers defender they've drafted easily since Troy Polamalu and they finally bucked up, got some sense, and paid the man. He's not going anywhere. It had to be done. I've said it 10 thousand times over the last couple days - you draft guys, especially in the 1st round, with a hope and even a prayer that they turn out to be like TJ Watt. When that happens you gotta do what you have to do to keep them happy and keep them around. 

Whew. Thank fucking god. I was getting super tired of Watt Watch and the tired trash old school takes from half of Steelers fans. TJ is locked up. 90 will be wreaking havoc for QBs for a while and he'll be doing it for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, hopefully all those wind sprints and conditioning off to the side has him ready to get after Josh Allen this weekend. 

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Fucking Go.