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Doctors Are Now Saying Holding Farts In Will Result In Farting Out Of Your Mouth Instead

NY Post- Breaking wind while in the company of others might seem like the height of rudeness — it was even ranked one of the worst house guest behaviors by a UK survey — but one enterprising TikTok doctor suggests that letting it rip is absolutely essential because, otherwise, the farts could come out of your mouth.

NHS surgeon Dr. Karan Rajan’s video describing the flatulent factoid currently boasts over 2.5 million views on TikTok thanks to its shocking reason.

“If you hold in a fart too long, it can be reabsorbed into your bloodstream and breathed out when you exhale,” @Dr.karanr explained in the revolting clip, in which he rattled off various fart facts in response to a viewer’s request.

WELL! That's an interesting revelation to read on a nice hump day Afternoon. It's not every day that you learn you could fart from multiple places. So now that you know from now on when you try to be cordial in public and hold in a fart that fart is then actually going through your BLOOD and coming out of your mouth which is SURE to make you gag today. I'm confident you just gagged because I sure as hell did as well reading that report from Dr. Karan Rajan. The whole mouth thing is just something my mind cannot and simply won't comprehend. Like the ear or something would've been acceptable. Hell I'd fart of my nostril as well...but the mouth? I can't be hearing about that.

The article later encourages folks to "cut the cheese as much as possible" which is really music to my ears.

Therefore, in order to prevent a ca-gas-trophic buildup, it is necessary to cut the cheese as much as possible.

Us fats have prosecuted for much too long in the fart game. Whenever a foul odor mozies along in say a car or restaurant everyone's fingers are instantly pointing at us whether it's their actual fingers or those skinny bastards are just thinking about it in their heads. That stuff needs to end and this very well may be the solution to our problems. If everyone is pinned up against the possibility of farting out of their mouth in collateral to the normal farting then everyone will begin farting in public therefore everyone realizing the skinnies fart too.


Thank God we can finally live in a world where the (hopefully silent) farts will flow with no shame whether you're a skinny, dad bod, or certified fat. Beautiful.