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Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni Is One Cheesesteak Stain On His Sweatshirt Away From Getting A Statue In Philly

Say what you want about Nick Sirianni. He may be heading into his first game as an NFL head coach on Sunday but this man is already operating like a vet who has been here for years. The man took inventory of everything going on around the Philly sports landscape, made a quick assessment and realized there was an opportunity to seize. There was a chance to become beloved in this city without ever having to coach his first actual game, and by god that crazy bastard did it. 

You see, Philly fans may seem tough and brutal on the outside but once you really get a chance to know us? Well we might actually be the easiest folks to please on the planet. All you have to do is make it seem like you love the shit out of Philly just as much as everybody in Philly loves the shit out of Philly. But the issue is that over the past few years, there have been certain athletes who either A) fail to realize that or B) simply don't get a fuck. 

Carson Wentz always seemed like he was just a little too much of a country boy to fully embrace the city. And Philly fans felt like they took a kick to the dick along with that knife in their back when Carson went to Indy and immediately started talking about how much better the "culture" and lifestyle over there suits him. I don't think he necessarily hated Philly, but he was just too country to love it. 

Then you have Ben Simmons who seems like he would light the city on fire if it meant he had the opportunity to get out of here and go to a team in California. And his total unwillingness to love the city even brought Joel Embiid into the mud a little bit. Not that Joel could ever do or say any wrong here because he's been granted lifetime "Our Guy" status in Philadelphia. But even just slightly maybe kind of calling out the fans a little bit the other week has Philly fans a little uneasy. 

So what does Nick Sirianni do? Well he knows he has the biggest game of his life coming up on Sunday. He knows he should build up some good will with the city before kickoff, just for a little insurance. And he realizes that all he has to do is pander the balls off of us. So he heads to his local Modell's, grabs the first Phillies hoodie and hat he can find, wears it to his press conference and boom. All of a sudden, Nick Sirianni is one of our guys. I can't say for sure how much that goodwill will last. Obviously it'll have much to do with how these first few games of the season go. But my god. What a play to start off the year. Go Birds.