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'Do Your Pod' Episode 1: 2021 Season Preview with Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran


For a while now, one of the most common questions I've been getting is, "How the hell do you sleep at night?" And the answer to that has always been, "On a giant pile of Chernin money." However the most common question has been, "When are you going to do a podcast?" That answer has always been some vague commitment to think about it. 

Until now. Now the answer is "Do Your Pod." Here it is, random Stoolies and all the guys in the country club men's room at my nephew's wedding. It's Barstool's first podcast dedicated specifically to covering one of our most important teams since Dave Portnoy first hired me, the New England Patriots. Consider this a continuation of the same way I've been writing about this team since the Late Cretaceous Period. And will continue to until the sun goes nova. 

Given we're at the tail end on the most bananas offseason in the 60-year history of the franchise and about to embark on a whole new phase of the Dynasty era, the timing just felt right.

The plan is that, each week my 21-year-old Masshole producer Nick and I will be joined by a different guest. People who cover the team. Former players, maybe. Comedian friends of mine. Celebrities would be nice. A Barstool legend or two, perhaps. Basically anyone who's emotionally invested in this team and can speak with some intelligence, passion, and above all entertainment value on what we're about to witness. 

To that end, we debut with Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports, who's been among the best Pats reporters, radio, TV and print, for over 25 years. And a confirmed great guy Nick and I both had the pleasure of working with. As someone who was as close to the Brady-Belichick divorce as anyone in media, he starts out by giving us insight into why Brady left and what soured Rob Gronkowski on playing in New England. Then we get into the details of how Mac Jones beat Cam Newton in the Palindrome War, before we talk about the tremendous new upgrades on both sides of the ball. 

All I can promise you is I had a blast doing this episode, and can't wait for next week's recap of the Dolphins game and a look ahead to Week 2 against the Jets. And on the socials, we'll be posting content and game day, Knee Jerk Reaction-type videos. 

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So for the first time I get to say, "Remember to like, share and subscribe." 

Thanks to everyone who asked, to Nick for helping me will this into existence, and to Tom E. for being the perfect first guest. No Days Off.