The Washington Football Team Has Narrowed The New Name Down To 3


We are so close to being done with this name change nonsense. It's been lingering over the team for what, the last 8 years? There was even that South Park episode about it in September 2014. That was 7 years ago! And we're STILL talking about it. Truly unimaginable, but thankfully they have narrowed the new name down to a final 8:

Red Hogs






Red Wolves

Washington Football Team

Now clearly from that list, Red Hogs is objectively hilarious. 

Presidents is objectively terrible. Armada is pretty cool but unlikely. 

I like Commanders. DC Commanders has a nice ring to it. Wouldn't hate that choice at all. It would be a little strange to keep the color scheme (which they 100% will be keeping) and be the Commanders though, that name screams Red, White, and Blue. But nonetheless, a cool name.

Brigade is sorta boring. 

Red Wolves has long been the fan favorite. It organically spread like wildfire through WFT Twitter, and is universally the most loved name right now. I would be shocked if doesn't become Red Wolves. The only other name that it could be is...

Washington Football Team. At this point I wouldn't mind if they just kept it WFT. We've all gotten used to it, the helmets/jerseys are cool, and it's sort of evolved from a joke to being a name that has grown on most people. 

So what will they pick?

My top 3 in order are Red Wolves, WFT, Commanders. 

And apparently the team has actually narrowed it down not just to a final 3, but a final ONE, with two backups.



Sorta confusing how we just went from 8 possibilities to 3 to 1, but that's how the Snyders roll I suppose. Nothing can ever be simple with this team. I hope they just announce it SOON so we can finally move on from this name thing once and for all.