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Big Ben Says TJ Watt Should "Get Paid Whatever The Heck He Wants" & He's Absolutely Right

So Tomlin yesterday. Big Ben today. Hey Colbert and Mr. Rooney, you hearing this yet? 

Big Ben even said he took a very honorable pay cut this year for reasons like this - to pay guys like TJ Watt. And the internet wants to keep saying Roethlisberger is a bad teammate. Would a 18 year veteran franchise quarterback who is worth over $100 million over that span take such a pay cut if he wasn't a great teammate?? C'mon. 

Someone wrote to me on Twitter last night a very great point. You know three pass rushers who were taken before TJ Watt with the 30th pick that the Steelers could have wound up being stuck with? Haason Reddick, Derek Barnett, Charles Harris and Tak McKinley. Reddick has half the sacks Watt does and is with a new team, Derek Barnett has even less than Reddick, Charles Harris has yet to reach double digit sacks for his career and is on his second team, and Tak McKinley is somewhere in the middle. Just kind of meh. 

You landed an absolute gem with the 30th pick and the 5th pass rusher taken. It's time. It's been time. The Watt watch will continue probably into this weekend while we wait on baited breath before the 1p kickoff in Buffalo, but again, Tomlin has said it, Big Ben has said it, we all know it. Now it's time to pay up.