Tony Khan Dropped His Nuts On The Table With 'All Out'

After AEW's 'All Out' pay-per-view made waves all across the wrestling industry this week, I saw tons of messages asking for a podcast breaking it down - so I called up my friend Sean Ross Sapp of (who was in attendance) to talk about it!

Sean Ross Sapp is the #1 journalist in professional wrestling and broke the news that CM Punk would be returning in the first place, so I asked all about that process and what his reaction was to the earliest of rumblings when he first heard, as well as when he knew about the debuts of Bryan Danielson/Adam Cole, and what the show means for All Elite Wrestling going forward. 

Spoilers: we loved the show. 

From the opening contest to the main event, 'All Out' managed to overdeliver on the insane hype they generated for this show every step of the way, and based on my Twitter mentions afterwards, the event reinvigorated a love/interest in wrestling for sooo many. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: when wrestling is at its best, there's nothing better. I think Bryan Danielson agrees, as well....

Check out the show in podcast form here….