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"Blue's Clues" Made Everyone Cry Their Dicks Off

Yesterday Nickelodeon tweeted this video and just hit everyone in the feels. They knew exactly what they were doing, they got the original Steve out of retirement just to go viral. It worked. Steve departed in 2002, many thought he died or something else bad had happened to him. Apparently, he was just balding and couldn't pretend to be a child anymore. 

Many Millennials who grew up with Steve reacted emotionally.

"Blue's Clues" was pretty impactful on a lot of people's lives. For me, it was a time in my life where my parents would leave me in front of the TV to get a break from parenting and I would watch "Blue's Clues" marathons for hours. I was pretty young when Steve left so it's pretty crazy that a Nickelodeon ad campaign is the first thing in a long time to make me consider everything that has transpired since I was in kindergarten.

Honestly, it's a pretty asshole move to drop this right after Labor Day when we are in that ultimate Sunday of the summer feel. I really didn't consent to any of this nostalgia and existential awareness to come into my life at this time. Unfortunately, I feel other brands are going to see the interaction this got and hit us with similar posts. We are going to have Dora the Explorer coming in a post talking about how Boots is in jail for killing Swiper and Backpack was used to smuggle booze into her dorm all college. The internet is wild, man. 

The last time I thought of "Blue's Clues" was when I had to write a paper on H.P. Lovecraft and stumbled onto this video that was just mindboggling weird.