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Jenga Season II Opening Day: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams LXV, Live at 2:30 PM ET

It has been a very long offseason, but the wait is officially over. It is Jenga Season II Opening Day inside Stool Streams Stadium! Today, each team starts off their journey on the road to glory with a clean slate. There is also a twist we are using this season: The teams will be the same as the squads used in "The Dozen: Trivia Competition." 

That's right, you're most likely familiar with who is with who at this point, but we will break down each of the three matches for you below. There is a $1,500 Progressive Jackpot on the line, and the cash is yours if you can successfully go 6-for-6 on the Play Barstool app. With three players on each trivia team, only two at a time will play in Jenga, with rotating players depending on availability. Let's get to it.

Match 1 - Uptown Balls vs. Frank & The Frankettes

Storylines: Our opening match of Season II actually continues one of the biggest storylines from Season I: the Fleming Curse. Frank the Tank is 0-7 in his Jenga career, but has two chances to extinguish that inside the Triple S today. On the other side, Uptown Balls has plenty of Jenga experience as well, looking to start off the new year 1-0.

Quotes to Remember: "Today has officially kicked off the autumn of Balls and Smokes, this friendship will blossom and start with a Jenga win." - Tommy

"Nick is good to work with, I just hope some time we have luck on our side and have crazy things happen every time we play." - Frank

Match 2 - The Fellas vs. Team Nightmare

Storylines: The Fellas are lucky enough to have the Season I champion on their side in Big Ev. Can he carry his momentum from the long offseason over to this afternoon's match with new partner Nate against the villains in Team Nightmare? It should be a fascinating match.

Quotes to Remember: "Liz and myself not being able to defend the title is an unfortunate set of circumstances." - Big Ev

"I got no regrets." - Feitelberg


Match 3 - Frank & The Frankettes vs. The Troops

Storylines: This will be the second chance for Frank & The Frankettes to eliminate the Fleming Curse. Nick and Frank will already have one match under their belt by the time this match gets underway, and they'll go up against the debut of "The Troops," featuring Billy Football and Kate.

Quotes to Remember: "The last thing I want to do is dishonor a veteran like Billy." - Nick

"I’m pumped to be playing with Kate she’s a mom it’s pretty hype." - Billy

Our first two matches will take place this afternoon (Fellas/Nightare first, Balls/Frankettes second), with the grand finale played later this week (Thursday or Friday). Remember to make your picks!