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Serious Question - Are Mets Fans Still Cry Babies About Javy Baez Or Have They Finally Realized He's Actually Good At Baseball?



I'm not trying to pick a fight by any means. Mets fans have earned the right to be miserable in perpetuity. I'm only circling back here to see if they're still blaming Baez or if they realize he's been his best version of himself since going to the Mets. He'll NEVER walk, but he's posting a career high OPS+ and averaging almost 75 XBH over 162 while playing second base. The numbers are there. 

It's such hard game to form stiff opinions. Javy Baez will take you to the edge of sanity then have you questioning everything you once knew about the game. He can steal first base. He probably doesn't need a glove to win a gold glove. He scores from 2nd on infield singles and hustles his dick off on the bases. Every now and then he'll airmail one into the stands and even then it's kinda funny. 

Most importantly though - Javy Baez is going to ruin your state of mind the next couple weeks. There's 0-4 with 4 strikeouts in the future, I can promise you. But he's also going to win games you should lose and do things that can't be done in the process. For all the uncertainty in this game, you can easily take that to the bank. 

If anything I finally get some credibility when I say there's nobody in this game like Javy Baez. I've spent years trying to figure him out and identify with any type of consistency. It's been fruitless to say the least. The closest thing I can relate it to is a casual relationship with a stripper that will completely compromise your emotional well being for the sake of world class sex. You can't help yourself. It feels so good. 

That's signing up for Javy Baez. He's a free spirit that's going to give you some of the best nights of your life. You'll repeatedly wonder if it's a good fit long-term. You're convinced it's not worth the money and the headache. But then you get flashes of his brilliance and you come crawling back. It's that good. You love the way he moves and plays. 


As someone who spent a long time with this piece of ass, my advice is to enjoy the ride. There's plenty other faceless, nameless, average infielders that can contribute to a .500 baseball team. None of them will get your horned up like Javy Baez and that's the tradeoff coming down the stretch. He's just an all time playmaker at a time the Mets need to get flaming hot. Idk if everyone is still pissed at him but it seems like a good time for everyone to come around on his impact. 

In the meantime I'll be counting day the years until Pete Crow Armstrong gets to the big leagues. We might be on a 3rd rebuild at that point. 

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Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers. 

Looking at you, Mets fans.