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I Cannot Stop Watching This Video Of A Rodeo Clown Getting Sent Into Orbit By A Raging Bull's Horns

Obviously I hope this rodeo clown as well as anybody sitting in the Human Splash Zone ended up safe and sound, but I cannot stop watching this video, or honestly any video, where a human flies like Tinkerbell sprinkled some fairy dust on him then told him to start thinking happy thoughts. 

That right there is the reason you throw on the face paint, enter the lowkey insulting job title of Rodeo Clown on your LinkedIn, and stand directly in front of one of the most dangerous creatures on God's green Earth when all he sees is red (at least that's what cartoons have led me to believe). Protect the rodeo riders at all costs no matter what happens to you. It doesn't matter whether you get gored, run over, or flung into the air as Jim Ross announces your apparent demise.

Because as the late, great Omar Little once said: