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Roy Kent Himself Has Confirmed He Is NOT A CGI-Person As The Internet Has Claimed

Entertainment Weekly- At this point in human history, it goes without saying that people can convince themselves of some pretty bizarre things when they get together, especially on the internet. And yet, it's still a little surprising that people seem to believe Ted Lasso's Roy Kent — played by, as far as we can tell, a very real actor named Brett Goldstein — is a computer-generated character.

Either a passionate group of the Apple TV+ comedy's viewers or a very convincing coterie of trolls has been bandying this theory about for some time now on Reddit and Twitter. One user wrote that Roy Kent looks like he was "imported...straight from FIFA" (which, fair), while another took the theory a step further: "I bet its one of apples conditions for making the show- they get to try out their 'new cgi tech' and at the emmys theyre gonna put him up for best actor and make some surprise announcement 'he was cgi.'" Okay, guy.

Ok. Thank Heavens! FINALLY we can confirm that the man, the myth, the legend Roy Kent is actually not a product of the technology of CGI. I had no idea this was even a thing until now as, frankly, when you sit down & enjoy Ted Lasso it doesn't really process in your head that that wonderful fella cursing everyone out and going downtown on Keeley like the hero that he is just might be CGI.

Guy on Twitter was having none of that as he's massively convinced.


It keeps going and going.

And thankfully this got so much steam on the internet the man himself had to step in to confirm that Roy Kent is, in fact, here…there…and every FUCKIN' WHERE in real life. Not in CGI. 

And THAT is why Ted Lasso continues to be the greatest show on television. It's massively enjoyable how much the cast busts balls and is just present on social media. Not to mention the actual verified twitter accounts for Ted Lasso & AFC Richmond putting out videos like this. Just the best.