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It's Simple: TJ Watt Is A Top-10 Player So He Needs To Be Paid

We are five days away from the Steelers kicking off in Buffalo and unfortunately TJ Watt is yet to be signed to an extension.

I'm confident he will. He's been there through training camp, staying in shape, a "light" holdout if you will. I have no inside scoop on it, I just am putting faith in Kevin Colbert and co. that the player they drafted four years ago and have watched develop into a top-10 player in the league deserves what he's earned - a fat payday. 

This is the cycle of the NFL. You put emphasis on the draft all with the hopes that you'll come remotely close to hitting like you have with TJ Watt. When the Steelers drafted him in 2017 I felt like it was a double with some name recognition help and it had the potential to be a little more. It's been a grand fucking slam and then some. Improved steadily and then leaped in sack numbers from his rookie year to 2019-2020 when he got snubbed from DPOY honors. Somehow a narrative of him not being a "generational talent" is reason for him not getting paid. That's honestly just old geezer ways of making themselves feel tough about "back in my day" blah blah blah. He's not a "tiktoker" like some of his teammates that get ripped so often. He's a classic lunch pail Pittsburgh guy who just wants to get after the quarterback and win football games. Again, this is the cycle of the NFL. You draft them, you hope they hit, when they hit big you pay them to continue their outstanding services in your uniform.

And for that crowd, what are you saying? That because he's not Aaron Donald the Steelers should just...let him walk?? Yeah that makes sense. A top tier player at a premiere position in the NFL but let's have him go play in another uniform and hope we draft another one like him in the next 5-15 years. Gimme a break. 

TJ Watt is the most impactful defender the Steelers have drafted since Troy Polamalu and is on pace to be the best pass rusher in team history. Just like Troy P said in his HOF speech, the greatest honor is for former Steelers greats to say "you could have played with us". And I know for damn sure that TJ Watt would have fit in with any of those past great Steelers defenses. 

So cut the crap. He's done everything you'd hoped he would have done when you drafted him so get him in there to sign on the dotted line and let's play some football.