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Mintzy Experiment: Day of Reckoning

If any of you think that the Mintzy experiment won't follow through I got news for you. Ben is now taking accountability for the past week that was a shitshow. Here is the plan:

- Ben wrote down all his bad meals in the past week 

- Ben is going to owe me 1 down and back at a local basketball court for every 400 calories of cheat meal consumed

Currently as per my calculations, there are over 55,000 calories and counting he owes me. 

This means he owes me around 137.5 (rounding up to 140) down and backs he has to finish by the end of the week. I will be documenting this endeavor. 

He is repenting for his sin meals and we will be back on a better regime. It is very hard this early in the "Mental Massaging" to ensure the neural pathways change from satisfying primal urges for sweet and savory during stressful life events. Hurricane Ida threw things off but we are going to get back to classical conditioning with low carb and calorie intake. 

The thing is Ben is down in weight since we started. He has also increased vascularity and hitting new heights in cardio. 

I am certainly not giving up on Ben and neither should you.