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You Have To Be One Sick Son Of A Bitch To Put A Cow In Your Car And Take It To A McDonald's Drive Thru

There are plentyyyyyyyy of monsters posted on the Barstool front page on a daily basis, but the lunatic that did this to one of God's creatures has to be the sickest of them all. Forget the amount of pushing and pulling that comes with the logistical nightmare involved in loading up a four-legged animal with hooves into the backseat of a Buick sedan. How are you going to bring a cow to a Mickey D's where countless of his relatives, friends, and relatives of friends have been sliced up into two patties before having some special sauce, lettuce, cheese, and pickles placed on them before being wedged on a sesame seed bun? 

If McDonald's has served billions, that means at the very least millions of cows have met their maker to line Ronald McDonald's  pockets with gold. Bringing a cow to a McDonald's is like bringing a Stark to The Twins. You just don't do it because of the atrocities that occurred there in the past. I'm not even giving the driver a pass because this took place in Wisconsin, which probably has as many cows in cars as other states have dogs in cars, because those salt of the earth midwesterners are far too kind to make a mistake like this. Let's all promise to be better today and get Chicken McNuggets for lunch today instead of a burger (I was going to do that regardless since I am strictly a chicken guy at the Golden Arches and leave the burger meat to Wendy's or BK).