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The Official Trailer For Season 4 Of Yellowstone Is Out And I've Got Chills


This is going to be the most loaded Fall of TV ever thanks to Covid-19 delays that pushed 2020 programming. Billions, Succession, Peaky Blinders, and Yellowstone all competing for your attention during times or days when there is no football. 

I can't wait for this season of Yellowstone and I still haven't decided if I like the show or not. It might just be the Western vistas, the explosions, fightin', and ranchin', but that's enough for me. I don't care if the plot is absurd. I don't care if some of the acting is horrendous. I need this show in my life to scratch my real man western cowboy itch that I've got inside of me and can't scratch because I live on my computer at a desk getting fatter as the days get shorter. I just want to watch this show and be this version of me in real life