The Definitive Guide For Ranking Up In Apex Legends

Watch the video above for my biggest ranked Apex tips!

Finally hit Platinum on Apex Legends and I wanted to make this guide for the Common Gamer to help them on their ranked grind journey. Apex is extremely different than Warzone for a ton of reasons, but the biggest thing to focus on when grinding ranked Apex is teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. In Apex, you won't be able to 1v2 or 1v3 like the better players are able to do in Warzone. You need to work with your team to push together and use your abilities together to overwhelm opponent squads.

Or, just hit ur shotz ked.


I've been loving Apex since I first started playing again and the ranked mode is fun as long as you're playing with a squad. Not everyone can be Timmy and solo queue to predator, but with a good squad you can increase your rank quickly.

For anyone grinding Apex, I wish you good loot and good fortune on your journey.