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Michael Irvin's First Take Debut Performance Was As Entertaining And Not At All Over The Top As You'd Expect

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Did First Take do it again or did First Take do it again? Getting a guy like Michael Irvin on set to match wits and decibels with Stephen A. to the point Stephen A. will always seem like the rational and understated one is next level genius. Now the First Take viewers will not only have access to the most genuine sports takes on the planet but they won't have to shell out any money for their morning coffee to get their juices flowing as their daily GOAT debate is screamed at them, which is important since I'm pretty sure 90% of First Take's audience is either people sitting at home with nothing else to do or muted TVs at the gym as a gaggle of Americans get their steps in.

And how about the producers saving the big time debate like who is the GOAT of GOATs between Tom Brady and Michael Jordan for Irvin's first day? Fresh content like that is how I felt watching SportsCenter as a kid back when it was legitimately revolutionary despite being the only game in town and how ESPN must be planning to get their Worldwide Leader In Sports crown back. 

I'll briefly remove my tongue from my cheek for a second to say at least Irvin bent the knee to Tom Brady to ensure he doesn't have Old Balls Thornton firing up millions of angry New Englanders to come for his neck like the guy who used to sit in Irvin's seat did and every big Cowboys loss is going to result in A+ trolling, even if it leads to sounds louder than anything the 12s can produce in Seattle during a Seahawks playoff game.