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UCLA Will Not Stop Throwing Dirt on LSU's Grave

Everyone saw this video on Saturday. Coach O thought he really had a good one when he told a UCLA fan to, "Bring your ass on in your little sissy blue shirt."

The only problem with that is it turns out LSU was overhyped in the preseason yet again, as the No. 16 Tigers lost 38-27 to UCLA in front of what was at least 50 percent LSU fans in the Rose Bowl. And UCLA has not let them forget about it in the 36 hours since.

Yeah, something tells me Coach O wishes he hadn't said that. You simply can't talk shit to opposing fans on your way into the stadium and then give up 38 points — in addition to giving a team a rallying cry for the entire season. But good for UCLA for winning the game and then capitalizing on one of the most viral moments of the weekend. I hope they actually sell those shirts. I'd buy one.

This wasn't even the first time Coach O tried to talk like that to UCLA and get his ass kicked. As USC's interim head coach in 2013, he called UCLA's players "little boys" before the Bruins went into The LA Coliseum and thrashed the Trojans 35-14.

You'd think he might have learned a lesson after that one, but apparently not. If Orgeron ever gets another opportunity against UCLA as a head coach, I would advise staying quiet until after the game.