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Florida State Lost to Notre Dame Exclusively Because of This TikTok

Florida State played No. 9 Notre Dame all the way down to the wire in a 41-38 overtime thriller on Sunday night, but the Seminoles came up just short in their first game since the passing of legendary coach Bobby Bowden on what looked like an incredible night in Tallahassee. That game definitely reminded everyone how much impact a home crowd can have in college football.

But for all the energy you could feel in Doak Campbell Stadium on Sunday, I can't help but wonder if that was negatively balanced out by this TikTok. There's simply no way you see that come across your page and think FSU is going to pull off a Top 10 upset to start the season.

Now, from what I've gathered, that's Sedrick Irvin Jr., a four-star running back in the class of 2023. So he's not even actually on the team, which I think makes it even worse. This kid comes into your locker room on a visit for one of the biggest games of the year and is making TikToks talking about how he's "too sexy for your girl"? Hell no.

And he even tries to get ahead of it in his caption because he knew what was going to happen. Honestly not a bad strategy to try to preempt the backlash, but you really better hope FSU gets the win after you get 1.6 million views on that little number.

But both of his Crystal Balls on 247 have him going to Michigan State, so maybe he doesn't care what happens in Tallahassee at all. Or maybe he even wanted it to happen. Either way, if you're a Florida State fan, you probably don't want to see that video this morning.