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The True Meaning of Labor Day, According to the Great Al Bundy

Every Labor Day it’s the same thing. Every political figure in America tries to appear pro-labor by delivering a speech or issuing a statement about the dignity of good, honest work. Despite the fact that almost without exception, they’ve never known a day of it. And therefore there’s not a person among us who can remember a word they’ve ever said on the subject.

Well Al Bundy had hard work days. Thousands upon thousands of work days. On his knees, squeezing millions of feet into millions of shoes. For meager pay. To support the family that does not respect him. So it should be no surprise that this great American, this working man, this Philosopher King, would deliver not one, but two great pieces of oratory on this most sacred of secular holidays. Listen and learn. We need more people with the courage to speak truth to power like this. It’s no wonder the man once scored four touchdowns in a single game for Polk High.