"Maybe Our Entire Team Needs To Be Executed"--Brian Kelly After OT Win Over Florida State

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One of those quotes that make you gulp for multiple reasons. Everyone just be cool about it. Looking at you, comment section. 

That game was a butt clenched, sitting heart rate of 200 bpm, fucking SWEAT when it shouldn't have been. That game was OVER. It was Kyle Hamilton playing center field all night and Jack Coan giving double middle fingers to Madison on his way to a Heisman campaign. It was all fun and games until it wasn't. 

Ghost of Bobby Bowden game week 1. Scary situation that I didn't factor in. I also didn't factor in ND not being able to run the ball for the first time in like 8 years. I also didn't factor in the defense going all charmin in the second half. I also didn't factor in some QB transfer who got a leg transplant being absolutely nails when coming in on a fluke helmet play. Unbelievable. In the end though it came down to field goals and even Bowden's ghost got fucked by a late game kick. 

You can't go 12-0 if you don't go 1-0. The Irish are still undefeated and if Kelly doesn't run everyone over with a bus they'll have a good chance to go 2-0 next week in a get-right game at home vs Toledo. Good night and god bless.