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On Friday Night Henry Ramos Started A Brawl During A Triple-A Game. On Sunday He Got Called Up To The Majors And Collected His First MLB Hit.

What a weekend for Henry Ramos. On Friday night we saw him start a brawl during the Aces - Rainiers game after he bat flipped a bomb and talked shit all around the bases, threw his helmet at a player and then hid behind the crowd. They didn't even have the chance to suspend him because on Sunday he got the call up to the bigs with the Diamondbacks. 11 years in the minors for Ramos, who leads AAA in average this season batting .371 with an OBP of .439 in 75 games. The guy can flat out hit. He's bounced around in the minors for a while after getting drafted by the Red Sox in 2010 but maybe he has a home in Arizona. They are out of contention, have nothing to lose by calling him up and naturally he got his first at-bat in the 7th and smoked a pitch back up the middle for a base hit. 

Crazy weekend for him all around, inciting a riot on the field and then notching his first career hit after over a decade in the minors. That's baseball baby. Now lets see if he can keep his cool in the bigs or if he's going to pull the same shit he did in the minors. Something tells me these MLB pitches won't take very kindly to the shit talking. But look how happy he is, guy spent a lot of time on busses and was hitting the cover off the ball so the call up made sense. Good for Ramos. It's also sick that he was able to make his debut in those awesome looking Diamondbacks throwbacks. Such a sweet uniform.