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Wild Scene: Brazilian Federal Police Straight Up Walked On The Field To Try To Deport Argentinian Soccer Players In The Middle Of A Match

I ... I don't know if I've ever seen something like this before. Brazil-Argentina is as big of a rivalry in international soccer that you'll see. You have them playing a World Cup qualifying match over there in Brazil. How could anyone have any idea that Premier League players were in England? News to me and Brazil apparently. But this? This is something I never thought I'd see. The crazy part? Might not even be the most wild scenes involving soccer today. 

We got a coup d'etat! Here I am just wearing my USMNT jersey, hoping to get three points against Canada. I did not expect that to take a wild backseat to these sort of stories. Oh and you thought this Argentina/Brazil would stop on the field? Not one bit. The Argentina team is apparently trying to scramble to get out of there. The federal police are still trying to get the four Argentina players. Just insane all the way around. I've blogged about fights. I've blogged about protests. I never thought I'd blog about a Brazil/Argentina game being stopped because officials were trying to DEPORT players. 

I'll say this. The next Brazil Argentina match, especially in Brazil is going to be must watch. I don't say that lightly. These are rivals in every sense of the word. Add this and there will be fights. What a wild ass time we live in. I 100% would have guessed CONCACAF pulled this first though. Just another Sunday in World Cup qualifying.