Oldham Soccer Fans In England Can't Stop Invading The Field And Throwing Tennis Balls During Matches To Protest The Ownership

[The Sun] - Referee Carl Boyeson took players off for three minutes as fans upped their campaign against owner-brothers Abdallah and Mohamed Lemsagam.

Latics followers are worried the Premier League founder members and three-time FA Cup semi-finalists are heading for administration - and possibly dropping out of the Football League for the first time ever

In the past three and a half years under the Lemsagams, Oldham have seen wages paid late, threats of player strikes and demotion to the fourth tier.

And even before Saturday, supporters have intervened at matches this season to complain about their famous club's plight. Fans entered the Boundary Park pitch at the end of a 2-1 defeat against Colchester on August 21 - the Latics' SEVENTH League Two loss in a row, including last season..

Typically I think invading the field or anything like that is stupid and a waste of time. It's mostly people now just trying to get attention for their YouTube channel or some shit like that. Howevah, this? I support this. People can bitch about ownership left and right. But Oldham fans are taking matters into their own hands. They aren't as famous as Manchester United or as bold as Manchester United fans were in protesting the Glazers. But they won't stop ruining matches as Oldham loses. I still dream of doing this to some of my teams. The Orioles lose their 100th game in a row? Peter Angelos better watch his ass. The Giants draft a running back in the top-5 again? Buddy I'm going to be hurling a tennis ball at John Mara's dome. The little ewok James Dolan even thinks about overruling Leon Rose and World Wide Wes? Knicks fans should be sitting on the logo at MSG. 

Now sure we can argue if these people are actually accomplishing anything and the answer is likely no. But, we're seeing them at least try. That's a step. I'm seeing it on Twitter and on websites. That's at least bringing attention to how much Oldham sucks now. Hell, the protests worked against the Super League, maybe it'll help save a fourth tier team in England now. You never know. I'll give credit for them actually backing up their talk. Anyone can just talk about how shitty their ownership is, Oldham is letting as many people know about it. 

This is the dagger about relegation too. I couldn't imagine being a founding member of the Premier League and now playing in the fourth tier. How do you keep showing up day after day knowing you're failing miserably? I also find the throwing of tennis balls the funniest of it all. You just never know when they'll come flying onto the field.