What An Insane Gambling End To Kent State - Texas A&M

Considering they were 29.5-point underdogs, Kent State looked very good in Aggieland today. Being only down 10-3 at the half was a beautiful thing for anyone on Kent State +29.5. 

Midway through the 3rd, Kent State was driving down 13-3....and then threw a pick 6. Everything changed at that point. Before you knew it, it was 34-3.

Kent State and Texas A&M traded TDs and it was 41-10....and Kent State was gifted a (controversial) fumble on a punt late in the 4th. A quick 3-and-out....a FG got them within the number though:

At this point, it would've been a bad beat, but I wouldn't say it was brutal. Texas A&M then threw an INT. Kent State had life! They trolled us all, took the clock down to 0:02 before taking a timeout for a very meaningful kick. I'm sure you can guess what happened: