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Vanderbilt Got Its Doors Blown Off by FCS East Tennessee State

Vanderbilt has been an embarrassment to the Southeastern Conference — and the game of football generally — for quite some time, but even for the Commodores, this is a new low. Vandy opened its 2021 season with a 23-3 home loss to East Tennessee State, whose only other win against an FBS team came in 1987.

I don't even know what to say about this. The Buccaneers won 23-3. It was never even close.

Some of the "highlights" include this little number from Vandy, which all but put to rest any hopes of avoiding this colossal disaster of a loss.

When I say Vandy is an embarrassment to the SEC, I mean it in the most sincere form of the word. A conference which prides itself on excellence in athletics truly should not put up with this. While we're adding Oklahoma and Texas, just call Clemson up and tell them to pack their bags. We're kicking Vandy to the curb and letting it give the Ivy League the Nashville TV market it has so desperately coveted.

If any SEC team loses to Vandy this season, it should count as two losses in the standings. There's no excuse for this team to even be competitive in an SEC game. But if you're one for train wrecks, UConn travels to Nashville on October 2 for what very well may be the worst FBS matchup in college football history. So be sure to tune in for that one.

Congrats to Randy Sanders and ETSU on a big in-state rivalry win tonight, even if it came against an inferior opponent. Those are always important wins.