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Louisiana Tech Is the Leader in the Clubhouse for Collapse of the Season

How did this happen? This should have been a done deal.

In true Atlanta Falcons fashion, Louisiana Tech somehow turned a 34-14 lead with 13:11 left in the game — and a win probability of 98.3 percent — into a 35-34 loss. This is a travesty.

Brandon Walker was dead. He had accepted his fate.

Then, out of nowhere, Louisiana Tech forgot how to play football and let Mississippi State march down the field three drives in a row to take the lead. It looked like a completely different team than had been out there for three and a half quarters.

But even after relinquishing the lead, America's Team got one more shot at the win. Tech converted a 4th an 10 on its final drive and it all came down to a field goal attempt as time expired.

No good.

I'm going to be sick. Mississippi State was getting run out of the building by a Conference USA team and somehow escaped with a win after the largest fourth quarter comeback in school history. Brandon does not deserve this. He deserved what was happening in the first 45 minutes.

I'm sure there will be a couple that come close, but it's going to be hard to top that collapse by Louisiana Tech this season.