Kenneth Walker Introduces Himself To America In MSU Win

Nam Y Huh. Shutterstock Images.

If you did not watch Northwestern vs Michigan State last night you missed a godly performance by Junior transfer Kenneth Walker. 

Walker transferred from Wake Forest in January and the jump from the ACC to the Big 10 was unnoticeable as he put up 4 TDS with 264 yards rushing. the craziest part was it was only on 23 carries which is just insane. He gashed Northwestern from the first play of the game and he just didn't stop.


I am surprised Northwestern was even able to keep the score as close as they did because these are dominating runs. These are runs that you can tell take the wind out of the opposing defense and make them reconsider if they even trust their coaches' game planning or if they are in some Bishop Sycamore situation.

They just kept giving him the ball. 

Can't stop won't stop. 

They just kept piling it on.

The pylon dive is always risky for a fumble out the back of the endzone. College coaches hate it, but he pulled it off. I guess when you are balling that hard you call the shots.  


And the cherry on top is the 4th TD. 

Crazy that Wake Forrest would let a guy go who could do stuff like that. This is honestly one of the best stories to come out of the transfer portal era. Lots of guys have their careers ruined by going to a bad situation school. The transfer portal makes everyone more competitive and I am all for it.