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I Thought The Roof Was Going To Blow Off The Rogers Centre After The Jays Game-Tying Grand Slam AND Their 3-Run Walk Off Bomb

Madness in Toronto, absolute madness. Lourdes Gurriel and the Blue Jays down 4 in the bottom of the 8th with 2 outs and the bases juiced. They're facing the A's who they're in a battle for the Wild Card with, huge game with playoff implications. Awesome uniform matchup as well, great looking unis. Gurriel smokes this pitch for a grand slam, no doubter right off the bat. The place goes NUTS. It looks and sounds like the Joey Bats bat toss game, just a few less people, but holy shit that crowd reaction. Fans hugging strangers, crying, kissing eachother, it's beautiful. Baseball is awesome when the Jays are good and their crowd is bumping. That place sounds like it's the loudest place on earth. Crowd is insanely juiced after the game tying grand slam and how can you not be? I'm not close to a Jays fan and I was hyped up while watching the ball fly through the air, it's just a different atmosphere up there. 

And how do you top the game tying grand slam? Just a 3-run walk off bomb after yet another comeback. Down 8-2 going into the 8th and they storm back and end it like this. What an awesome comeback. Semien knew it was gone too, wanted to give it a look as well. Look at the crowd, JUST LOOK AT IT! What a game, what a crowd. New Drake album and now this monster grand slam with the crowd going wild? Have a day, Toronto.