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WATCH: Cage Diver's Biggest Nightmare Comes To Life As A Great White Shark Gets Stuck Inside His Cage

Am I the ocean blogger now? I'll gladly take that title.

As I was doing my nightly routine of scrolling through Tiktoks, I almost shit myself watching this video. Two big reasons why I had to change my pants:

1) I've always wanted to go cage diving and see sharks in their natural habitat. I'm not sure exactly why, but I've always loved the ocean and any bodies of water (except any terror that hurricane Ida brought). 

2) How the FUCK did none of the crew know if someone was in the cage or not!?!?!? At every point in a working adult's life, they daydream or get distracted at work - I totally understand that. But hear me out - maybe, just MAYBE pay attention when we're talking about a diver being in a cage surrounded by sharks in the open sea...idk it makes sense to me 

Giphy Images.

0:33 - "Nobody's in the cage"

0:42 - "Somebody's in the cage"

Then out of nowhere and seemingly untouched, the diver appears.

I can't even imagine this guy's POV. He must've thought he was either hallucinating or having the worst nightmare of his life. One thing we know for sure: he'll NEVER forget this moment or this day and it's going to make a great icebreaker for the rest of his days.

But, how are you even supposed to react after this!? This scene could've been straight out of the Final Destination movies, except I don't think it wouldn't ended so sweetly…

I really hope this guy played the lotto after this because you ain't getting luckier than this!

I'll end the blog with this - if one particular crazy co-worker of mine ever decides to do this, I hope he gives me a call.