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Double-A Pitcher Matt Brash Has Absolutely DISGUSTING Stuff and Should Be in the Big Leagues Yesterday

Hitting a baseball: still hard as shit.

We got guys with stuff like this in AA now? This is Matt Brash, the Mariners' No. 10 prospect, and he looks like he could get big league hitters out right now with these pitches. Watch that sinker at the 0:08 mark. It's in the middle of the strike zone 20 feet from home plate and ends up on the chalk of the right-handed batter's box. And his breaking balls look like he's throwing a whiffle ball.

I truly don't understand how anyone ever hits a baseball. This kid has all of eight AA starts — to the tune of a 1.64 ERA in 44 IP — and looks like he should already be shipped straight to The Show.

I didn't know anything about Brash until I watched this video, but I am 100 percent down with the Braves unloading whatever prospects it would take to get this guy into the organization this offseason. No price is too high.