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A Singer Spent $10K on Breast Reduction Surgery, Only to Have Them Grow Right Back in Just 3 Months

Meet Bethanie Lyon. Singer. Aspiring music superstar. Californian. Recent patient of a surgical procedure that did not work out at all the way she had hoped. 

Daily Mail - A singer and dancer has revealed how she spent tens of thousands of dollars to reduce the size of her E cup breasts – only for them to start growing back three months later. 

Bethanie Lyon, 24, from Los Angeles ... was delighted with her new C cup boobs, but within three months she noticed the seams on her stage costume splitting, and realized that her breasts had started to grow again. 

Just nine months after the surgery, the singer and dancer claims she is back to almost the same size she was before. ...

'It was as frustrating as it was heartbreaking honestly – I was so happy after surgery with how they looked,' Bethanie, who is a performance artist and a singer, said.

'After having gone through so much pain, feeling like it was all for nothing was really difficult to come to terms with.' ...

'People commented constantly and it felt like that was all people saw about me and all anyone associated me with was having a big chest.' ...

She said: 'I was aware it was possible, but I never thought it would actually happen.

'Your body is going to do what it wants to do and sometimes you just can't help it.

Your heart just has to go out to Bethanie. Breast enhancement surgery sounds fairly routine these days (also looks it, based on how many you see), but reduction surgery is no joke. My perfectly proportioned Irish Rose knows a girl who got it done in her early 20s, and she was laid up in recovery for quite awhile afterwards. So to go through all that and have it not take must be devastating. 

Not to mention her parents being out 10 grand, just so their daughter could look the way she did for three months? That $4,000 per month. For that money you can get a decent AirBnB at offseason rates. Or the down payment on a great car. So yes, this is tragic indeed. Regardless of whether you'd prefer your partner at an E-cup or a C. 


Still, it's gratifying to read how philosophical Ms. Lyon is being in all this. It's true. Your body is going to do what it wants to do and sometimes you can't help it. For better or worse, her body wants to have E-cups. And nothing - not even our most advanced cosmetic surgical techniques, can stop it. Biology is going to biologize. 

The best analogy I can make for this is NFL defensive back/birth control hater Antonio "Father of Our Country" Cromartie, who got a vasectomy after giving this interview:

And a short time later, got his special lady pregnant again. With twins. Because no surgery in the world could stop his mighty sperm from doing what nature intended. Same as with Bethanie's bewbs. 

I get that she is disappointed. We can all be disappointed for her. While at the same time marveling at the power of genetics to overcome even the best laid plans of modern medicine.

Giphy Images.

So here's wishing her all the success in the world for her music career. Lord knows having E-cups never slowed Dolly Parton's star from skyrocketing her to the heights of superstardom.  As a matter of fact, I remember her saying once that if she wasn't born with them, she'd have had them put in, she loves them so much. Let's hope the same is true of Bethanie Lyon, in the wake of this tough break. And let's appreciate her in whatever shape she comes in.