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EA Sports Said They Were Going To Improve Franchise Mode In This Year's Madden Then Promptly Had To Fix A Bug Where Players Were Given Losses In Games They Actually Won

That is one of the few gifs on the internet that you can actually hear

It's crazy how the typical life cycle of a Madden release is the same every year and lets us know that real football is on the way. Then annual videos of rookies being outraged about their ratings means training camp is about to begin, people saying how Madden has been the same game for more than a decade on release day means the preseason is about to end, and then the videos of glitches start pouring in once the game is out which means the season is mere days away.

To be honest, watching the glitches always makes me laugh since they are always preposterous and never happen to me since I am lucky to get two games of Madden in a week as a father of two kids that don't sleep and an employee of a blog that refuses to snooze either. I'm sure I would lose my shit if my defense just disappeared for a play and allowed the 12-year-old I am playing online to go up 3 scores on me. But for the most part, I just chuckle at those glitches and move on.

The one thing that's always driven me crazy however is how Franchise Mode always seemed to be forgotten about for newer modes that could make a ton of money for EA in microtransactions, which led to some angry reviews, which are another rite of August at this point.

EA clearly got the message by announcing Franchise Mode would be a primary focus for this year's Madden.

However, after Madden was released, reports started coming in of wins in Franchise Mode counting as losses.

Back to the drawing board, EA! Let's check in to see what the Madden middle managers are doing.

Look, I don't care if a glitch causes a ball to stick on a player's head all the way for a touchdown or some safety covering 50 yards in a second to make a pick just because people have been getting fucked over by Madden bugs for as long as Madden has been around. But taking a hard earned Franchise Mode W from me is like taking a family member. Actually you could probably make a case that it's worse considering I sneak away from my family when they have driven me nuts to play my franchise in what is my happy place.

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Yes, young Claire Dunphy before she met Phil or went by the name Claire is there too (metaphorically speaking)

Adding coordinators, improving the business aspects of things, and whatever other Franchise Mode changes were made is cool. But having losses counting as wins kinda defeats the whole purpose of playing said Franchise Mode to begin with.

Luckily it sounds like EA has both acknowledged and fixed the glitch.

However, if I know anything about releases, EA Sports, and Madden, there will be some other five alarm blaze that comes out of all this. So we will whisper the three little words that we have whispered to the EA Powers That Be for every year since they wiped NFL 2K off the map with their exclusivity contract with the NFL.

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P.S. No matter how mad I get at the video game Madden, I will inevitably go back to it because it's the only game in town and I love this man more than any man on the planet outside of Papa Clem.