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Sorry for going full Stu Feiner and screaming at you in the headline like it's Mulch Day but I needed everyone to get this beautiful medley in their ears as they set their fantasy lineups, responsibly put in your bets on the Barstool Sportsbook, and convince themselves that their favorite team is going to make the playoffs before everything we've predicted to happen in the NFL season for the last 7 months gets completely turned upside down then shredded 100 different ways at 1:01 PM ET.

The best part about playing these absolute bangers is that we've all had time to heal since the last time we heard them. Hearing the Sunday Night Football theme doesn't currently remind me of needing 18 fantasy points out of a guy projected to get 12. Same with the Monday Night Football song being associated with being the game to right your wrongs of the picks you made on Sunday. Everything is absolutely perfect this moment, right down to the RedZone shifting from this to an actual human behind a desk giving us updates from around the country for 6.5 hours straight.

This screen hits so good if you leave your TV on and come back after a great day of wins for your NFL team, fantasy team, or bets

Speaking of bets, we took the most fun bet in all of baseball and brought it to the NFL.

God damn is it great to have the best sport on the planet back. If you need to load up on some more NFL goodness, watch Barstool Sports Advisors and the Pro Football Football Show now.


P.S. For the record, NFL On Fox is the best song followed by Sunday Night Football (John Williams is a fucking God), Monday Night Football, then CBS. And the fellow NFL Films connoisseur like myself, here is the top shelf stuff to keep your Sunday rolling.