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Instyle Magazine Writer Inadvertently Exposes How Dumb Most People Who Hate Barstool Are

Instyle - Perhaps like others, my opinion on "Call Her Daddy" hasn't always been the most positive, mostly because of what it was associated with. When I first started hearing about Cooper and the show, I couldn't separate them from Barstool, an outlet that's known for being toxic, sexist, and racist. I thought, how empowering could a show about sex be if it's backed by a company that sees women as prizes? 

But last spring when headlines about the podcast and the other host's departure started circulating, I gave it a listen. What I heard wasn't what I expected. The episode, titled "The Funeral," consisted of a woman going into detail about a contract dispute she had with her employer. It resulted in an ended friendship, but also led to Cooper getting the recognition (both in increased pay and popularity) that so many women fight for and deserve.  

So, I started listening. 

It became clear that "Call Her Daddy" wasn't a show for women from a man's point of view like I thought it'd be. It was a show that gave its listeners power through thought and craft. Blow job tips and mental health sermons were shared in the same episode. That balance, those honest conversations, and the authenticity that I was so surprised to hear and feel were because of the host. Because of Cooper, not her employer.


So I’ve been busy as fuck lately and haven’t had much time to blog.  That’s how much this article struck me that I sat down and had to draw attention to it.  The author of this article who calls herself a Barstool hater unknowingly just basically just summed up 99% of all Barstool haters in the universe.   

She openly admits that she hated Call Her Daddy without ever listening to it.   She made up her mind about it based on things she had heard about us.   Then lo and behold she listens to it and liked it.  It’s strange how that works huh? But somehow she doesn’t seem to realize that maybe she should rethink her views on Barstool then? This is the battle we’ve been dealing with for a decade now.  People who trash us also tend to be people who have no clue what we do and have never attempted to consume any of our content.  They base all their opinions of the same tired articles from the same few sources who all have had axes to grind. Yet they will act like the moral authority on all things Barstool.   And if by chance they find something they like whether it be PMT, Spittin Chicklets, Chicks in the Office, Bussin with the Boys, Million Dollars Worth of Game, Sundae Conversation Fore Play, BFF’s, Zero Blog 30, KFC Radio, Podfathers,  etc they all inevitably say the same thing.  “That's not real Barstool. I like these guys, but not the rest of them”

The crazy part of this article is even after changing her opinion on CHD she still can’t give any credit to us.   All of Alex’s success according to this woman is despite us not in conjunction with us.  She can’t even see that just the very fact we hired 2 unproven women and gave them total control of their product and stayed out of their way is proof of how we treat all content the same regardless of gender.   And who cares that before Alex came along we launched Jenna Marbles.  Who cares that two of the most successful women in social media both started with us?   Who cares that for the past 2 decades we have proven to be one of the best places to work for women both in content and in the business side?  None of it matters because it doesn’t fit her preconceived narrative and she is either too lazy to do the research or is too too scared to find out we’re not the monsters they think we are.


PS – I don’t even know what this means?

 After her first day, where she said she walked into a meeting with founder Dave Portnoy and dozens of other men, her thought was: "I'm going to make the biggest show hosted, directed, produced, and edited by a woman."

We literally have never had a meeting with dozens of people.   And our CEO as well as 3 out of 4 top execs are females so it’s a cool story but just totally false.