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Looks Like The Big 12 Has Identified The 4 Teams They Will Expand With

We are fully focusing on the season at this point, but realignment is still happening. Oklahoma and Texas are gone. There is legitimate thought that they may be in the SEC next season. It looked like Kansas was heading to the Big Ten, but that has yet to happen...outside of that? No big moves. There were rumors of Oklahoma State to the Pac 12 (that would've been funny), but as of now? The Big 12 remains intact.

With the remaining 8 members not moving, it looks like 4 potential future Big 12 members have emerged.





All 4 make sense. Increases Big 12's geographical footprint and athletic quality. As a UConn fan, it pains me to see Cincinnati on that list, but I get it. They'd be a great addition. The only (kind of) surprise is Houston.


Tilman Fertitta is no longer at Houston, which helps. There were some rumors that other Texas Big 12 schools didn't want Houston in for recruiting reasons, but with Texas leaving, the move may not cause as much uproar.

If they do expand to those 4 teams, they remain a significant P5, for sure. That will be a massive hit for the G5, as the AAC would go from a borderline "P6" to barely an upgrade over CUSA.