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Nick Sirianni Has Never Sounded More Like A Future Super Bowl Winning Head Coach Than After Hearing He Beat A Shirtless Gardner Minshew In H.O.R.S.E.


I know that Nick Sirianni can come off like a doofus sometimes. I realize there are moments when he seems like a high school football coach who is living out a fantasy and cosplaying as an NFL head coach. Times when it seems like he's the closest thing we have to a Ted Lasso. But let me tell you this right now. 

You beat down Gardner Minshew--sans tarp, mind you--in a game of H.O.R.S.E? Just as a little pre-draft competition because you are addicted to competition and addicted to winning? Well that's a guy who I believe in. That's a man who I trust to get the job done. That's a leader who is going to take this group of severely doubted Philadelphia Eagles to the top. 

Now I'm sure that it doesn't take much for Gardner Minshew to feel like he needs to pop his top off. Seems like the kind of guy who is looking for every and any excuse he can get to go tarps off. But once you're competing against another man and you go in there without a shirt on, you have to give it your abso-fucking-lute all to make sure you win. Because simply losing is one thing, but losing without your shirt on is total catastrophe. Which means that Nick Sirianni took the best that Gardner had to offer and still came out with the dub. THAT's my head coach. 

I don't know. I'm just starting to get a feel with this team. Starting to sense that maybe there's a little juice in this locker room. And it's starting to seem like maybe Nick Sirianni is the exact type of guy you want at the head of it.