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Bishop Sycamore Needs An Opponent: Barstool Office Can Field A Team

Bishop Sycamore needs an opponent on October 8th, so I am proposing barstool put together a team to play them. 

They play with adults so it should not be a problem if I put together a team of several adults.

*all picks are people based in the Barstool Office NYC

QB/MLB: Billy @billyhottakes

I am making this list, I am playing Qb, those are the rules. Cons and Caleb both played D1 and that's really cool and they most likely were maybe better than me but right now I am in better shape than both of them. I know a lot of you already have found my hudl.

Center/nose tackle: Tevo @Tevoteeven

Played Dline at Delaware absolute house. 

Left Guard/DT: Big Ev @doublevodkadon

Is much more athletic than you think (check TikTok), would be great pulling to the right in the run game. 

Right Guard/DT: Glenny @glenny_balls

If you remember Glenny was specifically hired for being fast, I might pull two guards on a run play and have Big Ev and Glenny using illegal arm linked wedge blocks causing injuries that haven't been seen since before Teddy Roosevelt had to reorganize the rules of the game because of too many casualties. 

Left Tackle/DT: Willie Colon @willcolon66

The obvious reason the only person I would want on my blind side is the actual NFL player. Even though he played guard he would be able to handle anything Sycamore throws at him. 

Right Tackle/DE: Big T @connorhknapp

Was thinking of putting him on the left but he leans far right on his views so he will be a right tackle, has great length and played in HS hopefully he is not a liability in the run game.

TE/DE: Big Cat @barstoolbigcat

Big Man with soft hands, will be a great blocking and be able to be dependable in the passing game. I can see him catching a pass in the flat turning up the sideline yelling "Hot Soup Coming Through"

FB/OLB/K/P: PFT @pftcommenter

A little undersized at these positions but he has the hit stick needed on the goalline. He is a projectile player and reminds me of Ben Boulware former Clemson player. Can also kick. (Will need cowboy collar)

HB/Slot/Safety: Wayne Jetski @waynejetskiii

Probably has the fastest 40-yard dash in the office right now, will absolutely gash defenses if we can get the holes open upfront. Will probably run a dangerous wheel route. 

WR/Safety: Marty Mush @martymush

Sneaky fast and has some length, Marty would be a great asset on the outside and a deep threat. Play action rage route, Marty would be an absolute target.

WR/Slot/LB: Chef Donny @chefdonnyy

Guy packs a punch and will be an incredible asset in special teams. Also sneaky fast. 

WR/OLB: Pat @barstoolpat

Another deep threat, one of the best basketball players in the office. 6'4 Will be throwing fades in the endzone to this guy. 

C/Special Teams: HQ Spider @hqspider

The only person with the hip flexibility to play corner in the office will be a kamikaze on special teams.

Corner/Special teams: Hubbs @barstoolhubbs

Another person who is sneaky fast and the only one with hip flexibility to play corner. 

I think we would wipe Sycamore with this team.