The bet formerly known as the "Hottie 3 Some"

If you've followed me long before my Barstool days you may remember a #9 K-State jersey and three underdog picks each week. If you have no clue who the fuck I am, let me bring you up to speed. In the spring of 2013, a girlfriend and I were witnessing a bunch of touts on the internet brag about their big money line parlays. Those to the likes of Duke -1100, Seton Hall -900 and Oklahoma -450. It was gross. Sure they were betting $10K, but to win what? $3000? The risk was not worth the reward. So we decided to do the opposite. Low risk, high reward. Find three underdogs who had a shot to win outright. $100 to win $3000. In September of 2013, I hit one that paid $8500 and the #Hottie3Some was born. I'll spare you the rest of the story but that ticket subsequently changed my entire life. 

Now, on to 2021, what does this mean for you? If you want to fade or follow. Great. Here's exactly what I do. 

Each week this parlay is three underdogs who I like against the spread and in my opinion have a shot to win outright. 

Math lesson: Most of them will have less than a 20% chance of actually springing the upset. So keep that in mind. 

Personally, I bet all of these as single bets against the spread. Each of them I put 10% of that single bet on the money line. And a 10% parlay on all three money lines. If we hit one this season, we're free rollin', we hit two, everyone is nice to me, we hit three, well life will be really good then (life is already really good). 

Here is this week's parlay for example, and how I bet these picks. 

$1100 to win $1000 Penn St +5.5

$1100 to win $1000 UTSA +5.5

$1100 to win $1000 Oregon St +7

$100 on Penn St +175

$100 on UTSA +175

$100 on Oregon St +200

$100 parlay of all three money lines to win $2167

Other notable dogs I considered Friday, Va Tech +6, ULL +8 and FSU +7.5. I played all three of these straight up. 

Bet with in your means. Scale this to your comfort level, if you're a $100 side bettor, your money lines and parlays should be $10. Don't be a jackass. #BetResponsibly