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HISTORY Has Been Made: Model Nathy Kihara Becomes The Youngest 'Miss Butt World' Ever At 35

[The Sun] - A BRAZILIAN model who only gave birth four months ago has just got the most-liked photo on Instagram for having the "best bum in the world".

Nathy Kihara, 34, has just been voted the youngest Miss Butt World after scooping the most likes on Instagram out of all the contestants.

She received more than 100,000 likes in a photo that shows off her figure.

According to Nathy, her butt measures 96cm and argues she's never had any plastic surgery to increase her glutes.

What a story! History, comeback, 100,000 Instagram likes. It's got it all! Shout out Nathy Kihara who became the youngest Miss Butt World ever, some would say one of the 5 most prestigious awards you can win. Nathy also gave birth 4 months ago! What can't she do? It's good to know in a world where Bishop Sycamore is cheating left and right Nathy Kihara is dominating the Miss Butt World like a solid contestant. She's competing clean like Ken Griffey in the 90s. In a world where you can get butt lifts and steroids, she refuses to increase her glutes. She's only worried about winning titles clean. Give her a backwards hat at the next Miss Butt World like Griffey in the Home Run Derby. 

So let me be the first to congratulate Nathy on being the youngest Miss Butt World ever. Kinda shocking that it's 35 no? Now I will say there seems to be a bit of disconnect here. The article says 34 but her Instagram post says 35. I'll go with her. Feel like that might be a better source. I feel like that just shows the domination people can have Miss Butt World. A lot of Tom Brady's over there. A lot of people competing in their 40s and getting the title. Shout out Nathy though.